How To Build A Bluebird House: DIY Plans


This simple bird house can be built in a couple of hours. Get creative and give it a unique look by painting and decorating it. Complete detailed plans with material list can be seen below.
Bluebird house plans

Bluebird House Plans Material List

Disc. Qty. Size
3/4″ -A- BOTTOM (cedar, pine, redwood) 1 5″x6 1/2″
3/4″ -B- FRONT/BACK (cedar, pine, redwood) 2 7″x10″
3/4″ -C- SIDES (cedar, pine, redwood) 2 5″x6 3/8″
3/4″ -D- MOUNTING BOARD (cedar, pine, redwood) 1 5″x18″
3/4″ -E- TOP (cedar, pine, redwood) 2 7″x7 3/4″
1 1/4″ finishing nails
1 1/4″ wood screws
wood glue or construction adhesive
1/4″ dowel (optional)
paint (optional)


Bluebird House Plans-exploded view

To prevent the wood from cracking pre-drill holes before nailing or screwing.

Cut all the birdhouse parts as shown below. Pre-drill holes and add screws through the base (A) and into the front and back (B). These screws will be removed when the birdhouse needs to be cleaned out.

Add the sides (C), attach with 1 1/4″ finishing nails, nail through the front/back (B) and into the sides (C). There will be a gap on the top of the sides (C), this will serve as a vent, the bottom will be flush with the base (A).

Attach the mounting board (D) to the back (B). Pre-drill holes and use 1 1/4″ wood screws, the top of mounting board (D) will be flush with the top of the back (B).

Attach top (E)  nail 1 1/4″ finishing nails through the top (E) and into front/back (B). The back of the top (E) will be flush with the mounting board (E), the front and sides of the top (E) will have an overhang.

Drill out the entrance hole. The size of the entrance hole will be determined by the type of bird. Drill a 1/4″ hole underneath the entrance to insert a 1/4″ dowel 3″ long (use wood glue or construction adhesive to secure). The dowel and paint are optional.

Bluebird House Plans-bottom

Bluebird House Plans-front/back
Using a handsaw carve shallow groves to the inside of the front piece. This will help the birds get grip so they will not become trapped inside.
Bluebird House Plans-sides

Bluebird House Plans-mounting board

Bluebird House Plans-top-roof

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