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Chicken Coop and Run Plans

Chicken Coop with Run

These chicken coop plans are designed to fit into small areas. If you live in the city and have a small back yard you can now enjoy fresh eggs every morning. Plans and picture courtesy of construct101 Having chickens doesn’t mean you have to live out in the country. This coop measures 4 feet deep […]

DIY Adirondack Chair Built with Pallets (free plans)

adirondack chair plans

This DIY project is very affordable since you can usually get pallets free. These plans include detailed instructions from how to take the pallet apart as well as were to find free pallets.

This Adirondack chair looks great and it’s easy to build. There are lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions. If you are looking for a comfortable outdoor chair that is budget friendly visit the site below.

Easy Plans For A Board Garden Bench

Bench Project

  Board Bench Plans: Material / Cut List   Disc. Qty. Size Seat (2×12) 1 5′ Leg (2×12) 2 1 ‘6″ Brace (2×4) 1 4′ 1″   Board Bench Plans: Shopping List Disc. Qty. Size Seat, Legs (2×12) 1 8′ Brace (2×4) 1 8′ Hardware 3 1/2″ deck screws   PDF Download: Save To Your […]

DIY Adirondack Chair Plans

adirondack chair exploded

Adirondack Chair Plans: Shopping List Since lumber can be purchased in different sizes, the shopping list will vary. Study the plans and make changes to the shopping list if required.   Disc. Qty. Size (1×6) Back Slats 1 12′ (1×4) Arm, Seat Slats, Front Seat Support, Back Leg Support, Top Back Support 2 10′ (2×4) […]

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