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Pergola Plans - Exploded View

Pergola Plans - Crossbeam Notches
Cut the ends of the crossbeam as shown above (more designs here). The crossbeams are notched to fit into the support beams.


Pergola Plans - Crossbeams
Use 4″ outdoor screws, screw through the top of the crossbeams and into the support beam.
Pergola Plans - Trim
Cut trim to size and install using construction adhesive and 2″ finishing nails.
Pergola Plans - 3ft brace

Pergola Plans - 3ft 5in brace

Pergola Plans - Brace

Cut the 2×6 brace as shown above. Use 3″ outdoor screws to secure the top brace in place. 4″ outdoor screws on the bottom of brace.

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10’x10′ Pergola

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