Shed Plans

Gable Shed
DIY Gable Shed

Gable Shed: Guide
Simple to follow instructions. This guide will show you how to build a gable style shed from start to finish.

12’x10′ | 10’x10′ | 10’x8′ | 8’x10′ | 8’x8′

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Barn Shed with Loft

Gambrel Shed with Loft

Gambrel Shed with Loft: Guide
Detailed step-by-step building guide for a barn style shed.

12’x12′ | 12’x10′ | 10’x10′ | 10’x12′

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Things To Consider Before Building A Shed

Should you build your own? For many the answer is yes, regardless if they have little or no building experience. With the aid of shed plans you will be certain to have a beautiful garden or storage shed. By buying the material and doing all the labor yourself, you will have a quality storage that is within your budget.

Before you begin building make sure you are in compliance with all building codes. Find out the height and square footage you are allowed to build. It may also need to be set back a certain distance from property lines, fences and buildings. You might be required to apply for a permit.

Be aware of utility lines that might be underground. If repairs to the utility lines need repair, you may need to move the storage to get to them.

This site has DIY guides that will show you how to build a shed from start to finish. Lots of detailed illustrations. Everything is included, from the foundation to shingles, instructions for the door, window and vents are included. Browse the project index to see how simple it is to build a shed. See our free shed plans complete with material list.

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